ember1313: Sarah stopping Felix from getting rid of Helena's coat.


"Don’t," Sarah says, the word falling out of her mouth like a sharp stone — cutting her, leaving her bleeding.

"Sarah," Felix says softly, holding the jacket like it would bite him, at a distance (a metaphor for Helena, Sarah thinks, as tears begin to prickle at the back of her eyes), "she doesn’t need it."

"I know," Sarah says, lower lip wobbling, "but — just — don’t, okay?"

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i saw a woman today who looked exactly like that titty malaysia woman from orphan black


Imagine all the Jello Helena’s gonna get in that hospital.

Paul Dierden: What's your name
Titty Malaysia: Titty.
Paul Dierden: Titty what?
Titty Malaysia: Titty's good enough.


its like the tittymalaysiapocalypse


imagine your icon pressing you into the couch and kissing you


small things to do that make your mind feel clearer

  • close all your internet tabs except the one you’re using
  • delete all your text messages
  • delete negative people from social networks
  • throw some things away. just throw them away
  • tidy your desk. make a blank surface
  • drink 3 glasses of water
  • open the curtains
  • wash your face and brush your teeth



I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT awkward teenage girl who sorta wants a man but can’t really get one 

i feel this spiritually

Helena’s being polite.

ORPHAN BLACK | Delphine Cormiers Favorite Looks x 


looks like sarah needs cosima’s glasses after all


when something happens to ur favorite character